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Tools for trimming - Learning to trim requires tools which we proudly supply & manufacture where possible.


The first trimming DVD available showing Will's trim and includes a review of Anatomy & physiology of the hoof; hoof mechanism, trimming techniques, holding the horse's hoof safely, handling the rasp and the knives.

Rasp - Save Edge - USA with wooden handle


Trimming Gloves - Pigskin


Leather Trimming Aprons - with pockets each side for Both Left and right knives, velcro leg attachments, one size fits all.


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New DVD available now - Fundamentals of trimming with Will Miller.


Our Latest Book - "3 steps to Soundness - Fundamentals of trimming and solving Hoof Problems" Discusses all aspects of trimming including Skeletal alignment, hoof mechanism, rasping techniques, Navicular "syndrome/disease" , abscesses, laminitis, founder. Colour pictures and diagrams. Will Miller & Rosa Stackhouse-Miller.


Davis Soaking Boots - All sizes can be used to help loosen bar and soften material, prior to trimming. They are NOT for transition riding but are also extremeley useful for conditions such as abcesses releasing after trimming; Can can be used in place of rubber matting to allow your horse to move around on softer ground whilst working out its hooves! - sizes to fit miniatures, ponys arabs, warmbloods and clydesdales.

From $80

{rokbox title=|Davis Soaking Boots :: All sizes | size=|561 350|}images/stories/image_boots.jpg{/rokbox}
{rokbox title=|Davis Soaking Boots :: All sizes | size=|561 350|}images/stories/image_boots2.jpg{/rokbox}
Knives for trimming - F. DICK ASCOT knives from Germany, with the correct blade angle that fits the coffin bone (cadaver work).


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Swiss Istor Sharpeners



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