Naked Horse

Thank you for coming to Darwin and please count me in for the August session. I really enjoyed the day and enjoyed not having the pressure to comprehend everything right there and then. By that I mean often on courses I find my brain stops when it reaches saturation point, so it was good for me to not have to fully take everything on board so that I could go home and practise what my brain didn’t take in!!

I like what you do and feel happy with your philosophy. I hadn’t realised how unsatisfied I was with shoeing and the answers I had been given over the years. So it was really refreshing to meet you.   G  Davis NT

Remember my horses flat feet, and the bar-soles? All that was gone within a couple of weeks, actually the bars fell out from underneath the soles within a week or so, on all three horses, I guess they didn’t need them anymore ; Passion has fully recovered from her navicular problems, she is sound as ever, so all the stabling and I guess the rubber matting were really bad for her legs. They are all so happy now, they don’t want to live in the desert ever again ;*)   Anja Grell Germany


Hi Rosa and Will, Hope you are both well wherever you may be. I have been trying very hard to do both my horses feet every week. In doing so I am finding that I learning to interact wth my horses much better and am listening to them better. I was doing Lulu's feet today and she stretched one of her hind legs, so i thought "oh ok I wll do that leg", and as I was doing her hoof, i noticed a biggish sore on her belly, just near that hind leg. I feel sure she had been tryng to tell me about it.You are so right about this being a journey, and I feel so blessed to be on this journey. Anyway enough gushing!!!Thankyou so much for opening yet another door for  me.
All the best, Ruth

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